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La Grammaire est une chanson douce - par Erik Orsenna

Oscar et la Dame Rose - roman écrit par Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

The case for teaching this book (with suggested activities ) :
About the book:
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My wiki page for the book (student resource, with film clips of the play, ads for the upcoming movie, etc.) :
Activities I used in class last year :
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Kiffe, Kiffe Demain par Faiza Guene : une revue

Faiza Guene: Biographie

Kiffe Kiffe Demain:un compte-rendu

L'oeil du loup

Daniel Pennac

This is a wonderful book I did with my grade 6 French immersion class in 2008 !

Here is a great teaching guide which you can adapt and make your own! At the end of the project we did a photo-roman. I believe I still have the posters; will take some pictures and come back to post them!