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Kamo, l'Agence Babel par Daniel Pennac, 1997 (89 pages)

Great for level 3 students.

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Boris Vian-Le déserteur


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Some information in English about the book: L'homme qui plantait des arbres (the man who planted trees)

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"Thèmes que l'on peut aborder lors de débats collectifs à partir de la lecture :
- Ecologie : protection de la nature, désertification, rôle des forêts, sylviculture …
- A partir du personnage d'Elzéard Bouffier : acte désintéressé et gratuit, ne pas penser au profit, préserver la nature en secret, … un héros d'un autre genre ? …. Un personnage hors du commun….

A partir de ces thèmes, il est possible de demander aux élèves de produire leur propre histoire : Un geste qui protège la nature, un personnage extraordinaire œuvrant en secret pour le bien de tous …..l'homme"

L'homme qui plantait des arbres-video: Jean Giono

Read the story here.

Site de Sarah Jourdain pour ce conte The story is translated into several languages and I have done these cooperative learning activities in French and then integrated with an AP Spanish class for a final discussion in English about living a purposeful life. It is a great activity for Seniors in high school during the month of May.


If I have a multi-level class, students read this independently in the abridged form, completing a variety of activities-comprehension, discussion and projects. You can upload an image to and have them comment on its relation to the story. If the class is large enough, I pair students homogeniously so that they can progress at the same pace. One exceptional project was a maquette of the Opera House that the student used as she retold the story.


Êtes-vous un mouton, renard ou serpent? Quiz et solutions:- theisent theisent May 10, 2009
A Petit Prince Wiki

Le Petit Prince par Mme. T. - theisent theisent

More on Le Petit Prince, from Sarah Shackelford:
My wiki pages for Le Petit Prince emphasize the biography of St. Exupéry (and his wife Consuelo, often thought to be the Little Prince's Rose), and extend study of the book to include Aviation and "Extraterrestres" .

Prévert Poetry

I used the Prévert poems "Barbara" and "Familiale" with an S3 mixed ability class (14 year olds) - this was an experiment with this class. We did some work in class on the poems, but I asked them to add a comment to our class wiki at home - I like to think that they took even just 5 minutes out of their busy lives to think about French poetry. A few twittering friends very kindly added a couple of comments to help them along! - Lynne

Le Déjeuner du Matin-Jacques Prévert (theisen)
Hommage à Prévert-site (Theisen)

WWII for Advanced French Class Complete unit plan on WWII with literary excerpts in PDF format. - vogelc vogelcvogelc


Audio recording of Albert Camus reading his novel